What is a ‘Connected Trip’?

The "Connected Trip" typically refers to a seamless travel experiences in which various aspects of a trip, such as transportation, accommodation, activities, and services, are seamlessly integrated and interconnected through technology to provide a more convenient and efficient travel experience. Connected trips are made possible by advancements in innovation, including the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Travel companies and platforms are increasingly investing in connected trip solutions to meet the evolving needs and expectations of modern travelers.

An example of connected trip is a traveler who books a flight, hotel and rental car through a platform, then receives real-time updates on their flights and traffic conditions, as well as personalized recommendations activities and restaurants. Another example is a traveler who can use their mobile phone to check in to their hotel, unlock their rental car, and pay for activities, all without having to carry any physical keys or cards.

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